Marcotrans in action

Marcotrans has known the market for 22 years and is specialised in escorting abnormal load transports. We make a difference  by offering service and quality because we have a passion for our job. That is why Marcotrans offers a total package for shipping your transport through Europe.

To help us offer our customers the best possible service, the management has decided to set up a branch in France: Marcotrans France.

We consider service to be extremely important, and so we will notify you when the abnormal load legislation changes, so that you keep up-to-date. Thanks to our constant attention for changes and roadworks, we can guarantee you quality for 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

We offer the following services throughout Europe:

  • Execution of a route survey
  • Permits application
  • Care of your transport and dismantling street furniture
  • Imposing parking restrictions etc.
  • Escorting your transports
  • In-company training

In short, Marcotrans stands for: reliable, expert, high-quality service and availability!